Desert Storm Heart

A Novel of Chicago Streets

Thomas Laird’s sixth novel Desert Storm Heart (326 pp and $15.95) was published in June 28, 2013 in paperback and May 14, 2014 in ebook (Kindle, Nook, iBook).

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Back Cover Blurb

Have you ever been trapped between two tough worlds? Desert Storm Heart is a crime thriller focused on the aftermath of the murders and rapes of several young girls in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm.

Book Description

Will Koehn, an NCIS investigator, looks into the slayings but never locates the killer. Later, he returns to the United States and subsequently becomes a Homicide detective for the Chicago Police Department. Soon more murders and rapes occur in Chicago, and the killer’s MO matches that of the girls murdered in Kuwait. The killer has followed Will home.


Thomas Palakeel, Professor of English at Bradley University, says:

Desert Storm Heart leaps out of the Conradian darkness of the Gulf War after a gore-thirsty Marine brings his murderous rage back home to America’s heartland. When he meets his match in the Chicago detective Will Koehn, a fellow Marine, a battle of wits commences in private and public. Laird offers a brilliant psychological portrait of a depraved, driven murderer and his enlightened pursuer.”

James Manlow, author of Attraction, says:

“Encountering a particularly nasty villain (or three), in Desert Storm Heart we’re hooked by the mystery—and the cruelty—of those who wield power, but mostly by our own curiosity for Detective Will Koehn’s lifestyle. How can a man with a healthy disrespect for the bad guys manage his own life so badly? Does he want a family, and to straighten out his ‘woman trouble,’ or does he just want to put a bullet in the bad guy’s back?”

Dr. Dean Lawson, Ph.D. History at the University of Alabama, says:

“Just when you thought it was safe to return to Chicago...Thomas Laird’s latest crime thriller packs a punch to the gut, and dissects the heart of an Iraq War veteran turned Chicago cop.”