Engin Inel Holmstrom

Engin Inel Holmstrom

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Engin Inel Holmstrom was born and raised in Turkey. She graduated from the American College for Girls in Arnavutköy, Istanbul and received her masters and doctorate degrees in Sociology from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

Engin has over fifty professional publications, mostly dealing with higher education and public policy. She has lectured widely in the United States on issues concerning Turkish women, gender equality and Atatürk's reforms.

Her hobby is painting. Retired now, she lives in Leesburg, Virginia with her husband and two cats.

Loveswept is her first novel.


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Turkish Area Studies Review, No.19, Spring 2012, University of London

Loveswept (2011)

How long should a girl hold onto her first love? A beautiful Turkish girl, a handsome English merchant marine, a sympathetic American and a cheating husband....

Loveswept is a cross-cultural romance taking place during the social and political turmoil of 1950s Turkey where the line between state and mosque becomes blurred and American dollars flood the country. Postwar Ankara is a place of daily intrigue where corruption and romance could bring happiness and disaster.