Matt Fullerty

Matt Fullerty

Matt Fullerty is the author of novels The Knight of New Orleans, The Murderess and the Hangman, and the short story collection Rising Apes, Falling Angels. A graduate of Oxford University, the University of East Anglia and with a Ph.D. in English from the George Washington University (GW) in Washington, D.C., he has published reviews, articles and interviews for the Daily Mail, The St. Ann’s Review, BBC Radio London and the Discovery Channel’s Deadly Women TV series.

Matt currently teaches D.C. police and FBI agents improved writing skills in GW's Police Science B.A. and recently taught Creative Writing (fiction) at the University of London, Royal Holloway. He is married and divides his time between Arlington, Virginia and Cambridge, England. Visit him online at


The Man in the Gray Tie and Other Crimes

Trio 1 of Rising Apes, Falling Angels

The Man in the Gray Tie and Other Crimes is available in Buy Books linking to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

It forms Trio 1 of Rising Apes, Falling Angels.



Book Description

The Brits and Americans are as crazy as each other!

In three stories about fraud, sexual indecency and, of all things, plagiarism, Matt Fullerty has crafted three modern tales of danger, duplicity and escalating violence.

Will Doctor Sidney Holton escape a criminal gang running a secluded auction house in the English countryside? Will young city professionals Danny and Meredith agree to disagree about what happened on a fateful London night after drinking too many in the pub? Will middle-aged Seattle best buds Judy and Soo help each other get into print with the Great American Short Story—or will they just rip their typing nails into each other’s throats?

You guessed it. Sometimes, in British lives too, there are no second acts.

Matt Fullerty’s story collection The Man in the Gray Tie and Other Crimes (144 pp, $5.95/£3.95/€4.95) is released on October 29, 2015 by Parkgate Press / Dionysus Books. It forms Trio 1 of his nine story collection, Rising Apes, Falling Angels.

Patrick Willers, University of Michigan and Maxwell School, Syracuse University, says:

“‘The Man in the Gray Tie’ captures the anxiety of losing everything for a thrill. The whole premise is discomforting: the doctor despises his wife and gets his sensual thrills from bidding-up at random auctions, but just can’t curb his cunning fun. Story two, ‘(He) Said, (She) Said,’ conveys the awkwardly optimistic anticipation between two friends who meet for a drink—that game of Red-Light/Green-Light, that discomfort of ‘not knowing’ and being trapped in the ‘friend-zone.’ Finally, in a nod to Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Rope, ‘The Last Page of Friendship’ explores betrayal between best ‘frenemies,’ wannabe writers who try to control each other’s story, with horrific consequences.”

Dr. Dean Lawson, East Carolina University and the University of Alabama, says:

The title story is reminiscent of an O. Henry story with the unexpected twists, also of the Roger Moore Bond movie Octopussy where Bond bumped up the price of a bogus Fabergé egg. The second story, '(He) Said, (She) Said,' is a human sexual roller-coaster, exploring the paradoxes of missed social cues, the characters hitting all the wrong notes in a story of guilt and shame. The third is my favorite, setting up a poisonous literary rivalry between old West Coast friends in 'The Last Page of Friendship,' and should be read with the lights off.”

Matt Fullerty lives in Falls Church, Virginia with his wife and expanding family. The Man in the Gray Tie and Other Crimes is Trio 1 of the criminally-minded short story collection Rising Apes, Falling Angels. Matt’s novels include The Knight of New Orleans about American chess prodigy Paul Morphy and The Murderess and the Hangman about hard-drinking Kate Webster who murdered her London landlady.

The Man in the Gray Tie and Other Crimes is available to purchase at Buy Books.


The Murderess and the Hangman

The Murderess and the Hangman


The Knight of New Orleans

The Knight of New Orleans


American Con Artist

American Con Artist

The Murderess and the Hangman (2012)

A Novel of Criminal Minds

On October 22, 2010, a human skull was found in Sir David Attenborough's garden in south London...a middle-aged female skull. How did it get there? Where was the rest of the body?

The Murderess and the Hangman is a story of this murder, told from both sides of the scaffold. In 1879 William Marwood, 'gentleman hangman' for London and Middlesex, hanged 'callous murderess' Kate Webster. Her crime? The axe-murder of her landlady, Mrs. Julia Thomas, in the leafy suburb of Richmond, London.

With incredible guile, Kate Webster began physically impersonating her dead landlady around London. After viciously dismembering the body, she ceremoniously wore Julia's clothes and jewelry to trick buyers and capitalize on the crime. Kate tried to sell Julia's furniture, silver, even her body as turkey dripping! But for how long can she elude the hangman? Especially one she's already met....

Let the crimes begin!

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The Knight of New Orleans (2011)

The Pride and the Sorrow of Paul Morphy

The Knight of New Orleans is a story of love, chess and madness.

1837. Paul Morphy was born into a wealthy Creole family in the French Quarter of New Orleans and became infamous for his fast and positional chess game. At twenty-one he was knighted world champion after defeating the great European masters-the English and Germans-in New York at the First American Chess Congress.

In a short-lived blaze of glory, he defeated opponents in an atmosphere that encouraged gambling, drinking and often led to duels for honor. Soon no one dared play the boy from New Orleans-he even offered Pawn and Move to the world!

Let the games begin!